Testimonials & Reviews

Lois Doyle – A Professional Reference

I have known Stephanie for approximately ten years. I hired Stephanie as teacher’s aid when I was the administrator of Providence Christian Academy after seeing her in action at my church where she worked with both adults and children in choirs and Praise Teams.

At Providence she interacted with student, parents, and staff. She was often called upon to substitute for absent teachers. She was reliable, knowledgeable, and competent in the classroom. She was also very insightful – one such incident was while teaching a very bright but very shy, withdrawn child Stephanie noticed his interest in music. After speaking to his parents, Stephanie began giving him piano lessons after school. This child progressed at an unexpected pace in just a short time. I recently learned that this child, now a high school senior, gave a concert in Carnegie Hall this year.

Stephanie has a wealth of knowledge and personal ability in both vocal and instrumental music. She is also very creative and doesn’t hesitate to offer suggestions to make a performance even better. She has a unique ability to make learning fun while holding high standards and encouraging her students to work hard. She doesn’t hesitate to make constructive criticisms in a way to help her students improve without demeaning their self-esteem. She, also, was willing to take suggestions and implement them as requested. I found her to be a willing and diligent worker who not only did what was expected of her, but frequently did even more – such as in extra curricular work. Her honesty and integrity were beyond reproach.

Andrea Wall

It is great to have someone so talented and in tune to kids teach your children. They will learn so much.

Brian Morgan

Stephanie has instructed my oldest son in both voice and piano. From the parent’s perspective, I very much appreciate Stephanie’s enthusiasm, good cheer and especially her consistent communication. I know that my son has gained confidence in leaps and bounds as he gains more experience in choir and musicals. Thanks, Stephanie!


Stephanie has been teaching my 8 year old son for almost a year now. She is our first experience with a piano teacher and it has been a great experience. She is very flexible and works hard to accommodate her student and parents for practice times. From day one to present he has excelled quite a lot. He now plays many short songs that I can enjoy listening to while he practices(I’m even able enjoy reading while he practices). She interacts well with kids and from my sons attitude during the lesson Stephanie makes the lessons fun and at the same time he is learning how to play the piano. Thank you Stephanie and good luck to you with your studio.

Professional review by Joey Archer, Jammin’ Music Studios Olympia, WA

I met Stephanie a couple years ago when she came by my studio asking for an opportunity to teach with us. Stephanie is very accomplished, experienced AND talented so it was a definite yes. We are very grateful for the time she taught voice and piano at our studio. Stephanie is the complete package. She has performance experience, teaching experience and a background in music education. I watched Stephanie work with several students and really educate them. She worked with them on their technique (playing or singing), their knowledge (music theory), and their repertoire. I was very pleased with how everything worked out UNTIL she had to move away. 🙂 We were very sad to see her go, but are happy for what the future holds for her. We highly recommend her for students wanting to learn (beginner) or get better at their instrument or singing.

Barb Abbey

Stephanie teaches two of my children piano. We have been so pleased with her instruction. She natually encourages my higher-strung child and he has begun to really enjoy both piano and lessons. I can’t say enough about how much it means to me that her repoire with my son was amazing since day one! No more tears at practice time or panic on lesson days. My youngest (age 6) also loves lessons and that makes my heart sing. So many adults and children talk about music lessons the same way that they speak about going to the dentist, but that has not been the case with Stephanie. She is a natual teacher.

Mary Kate Hewitt

I’ve always wanted to learn more about music and enrich my life so I stared taking voice lessons from Stephanie. I’m very glad that I chose Stephanie as my teacher to start learning music theory, how to use my voice and singing in front of someone. I’ve always been very shy so I was afraid that these lessons would give me anxiety, but Stephanie’s personality and teaching style made for a comfortable place for me to sing out loud and build more confidence.


From a student stand point I can’t recommend another teacher other than Stephanie. I was very lucky to have her as my very first vocal and piano teacher. Going into a class that really exposes yourself and puts you in an uncomfortable place at first is quite scary at first, but Stephanie does exactly what a vocal/piano teacher should. Build confidence. Stephanie to me is one of those people that I will always remember in my life because she is one of the few people in my life that I have encountered that really makes me feel like I can do much more than I originally thought I could and she will not let you crash and burn if you trust her. Stephanie is a very experienced teacher and really knows the ins and outs of musical theory etc. If I ever make it big one day Stephanie will be the person I thank the most. I will miss her so much when she moves not only as a teacher, but as a friend as well. Thanks Stephanie for the amazing lessons you have given to me. I have learned so much. There is so much to say, but if I had to conclude with the most valuable lesson I have learned from Stephanie it would would most definitely be the lesson of using your ego to benefit you. Having confidence, but not being a brat about it. This confidence really makes me strive to better not only in music, but in everything else. Thanks so much Stephanie.

Susan Weston Frisina

Learning to play piano had been a life long hope for me. As an adult learner I was challenged to say the least. Not only did I need to learn piano, I also could not read a single note of music. Stephanie was the perfect teacher for me. She has always known exactly when to push and when to wait. When to instruct and what the best approach would be for each lesson. She has made every lesson a bright and learning experience. That has taken me further than I had expected and given me the confidence to proceed with piano. She also translates her love for music which makes you just want to learn more. I consider her a gifted teacher and that this is more her calling than her job. I am sure that anyone who starts with her will learn that they have chosen the perfect music teacher.

May 1, 2017


Excellent teacher. So in tune with kids of all ages. Has a great teaching method and is well versed in piano.

April 30, 2017

Carmen Kennedy

My son, David, was a very “reluctant piano learner”, to put it nicely. Stephanie changed the way he felt about learning to play and she also taught in a way that was encouraging and customized to his particular needs. The improvement he achieved over just a couple of months was amazing!! He has become a committed, life long player and I owe this completely to Stephanie’s influence. She is an incredible talent and a pleasure to work with. You will not find a better teacher for your piano learner.

Sincerely, Carmen Kennedy – Columbia, SC

May 5,2017

Greg Doughty

I’ve always wanted to play the piano, and learn music all of my life. I had no experience never played the piano so I decided to take lessons. Stephanie is an amazing teacher and piano player. On every Tuesday at 3:00 I had a lesson with Stephanie, I was very enthusiastic and eager to come because I knew she would inspire me to do my very best. Stephanie is very patient, also always explained and demonstrated things in ways that I could always understand. After my lesson every week I left her piano feeling ecstatic to practice and grow my ability to play. I appreciate the way she would tailor each lesson to fit my ability. What she always did was make the lesson exciting and interesting for me and I appreciate that so much. I wish her the best on all her success and endeavors.

May 3, 2017


My son has been playing piano for 9 years. After losing his long time teacher we were thrilled to find Stephanie. She was easy to work with and committed to her craft. I saw great improvements in my child’s performance as well as his love for piano and music. Stephanie is a talented musician and a talented teacher. She is also highly professional. She always began and ended on time and was great at communicating when rescheduling make-up lessons. I highly recommend Stephanie as a piano teacher. We are sad she moved away!!

May 22,2017